"​-​Turn your shadow into water​.​"

by Malik Ameer Crumpler

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Hear listener/seeker:
This album is "strictly for the ancestors".
The album was lost for one year due to a computer hard drive crash that took out the original 47 songs recorded for the album.
Suddenly after seven months of being lost, I had a dream wherein some ancestors came to me at/in the council and demanded I put it out.
When I let them know about the computer crashing and loosing it, they laughed and told me where to find it.
I woke up, looked for it, found it, and put it up on www.madmenscalling.com for download only, by then it was summer 2009.
When madmenscalling.com ended in early spring 2012 the album was gone again.
In November 2012 I had another dream. They all came back again along with some Kmtians and said the same things as before.
So this is that upload, minus 2 songs I just couldn't bare to listen to anymore and one new song that wasn't on the original but that I found from that period.
Hence this is an "unfinished, unmixed, unmastered" album I.E. a RAW, naked, incomplete, deformed detailed confession of my realm in 2008 in Egypt and back in New York "pre-egyptian revolution/ pre obama obama america, pre all that is now" In that regard this is simply the remains of a vital hyper creative period most of which is lost.
Hence this album was written in Egypt and recorded in New York 34 other songs were lost in the computer crash.
Enjoy, if you know how.
((((((((((((((STAY BLESSED)))))))))))))))))


released December 22, 2008

malik and the ancestors did everything except for the hard drive burn out that was facilitated by the DELL PC which in all actuality gave lemons to a lemonadist.



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malik ameer crumpler New York, New York


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Track Name: Self Portrait July 13 & November 5 2008
chorus written in Karnak Temple Luxor, Egypt
Track Name: for the fate of god's...
written in Valley of The Kings and in Karnak Temple in Luxor Egypt